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BL-Motor Power Calculator
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Hersteller: Schwaben-Tec RC
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Motor manufacturers don't give us much data.
Often it is trial and error. You buy an motor and then you may not be satisfied.
Just because someone says this or that is good, doesn't mean it is.

What power do the motors really have?
How high is the torque of the motor?
How long will the driving time be?
How hot will the motors get?
6s - 8s or 12s setups?

With this program all missing data of the motors can be calculated easily.
Always up to three motors can be calculated and compared directly with each other.
So the suitable and especially the best motor for your car can be found quickly and easily.

For a complete calculation the following data are important:
- the LiPos in series (how many S)
- the battery capacity in mAh
- the kV value of the motor
- the max. current of the motor (data sheet)
- the motor resistance "Ri" (data sheet)
- the "no load current" (data sheet)

The calculator works even if some data are missing.
The more data you enter, the more accurate the calculations will be.

Why are the driving times so short with this tool?
Because the max. motor power is not the power you are using all the time, when driving.

Why does the tool cost 5,- Euro?
The implementation was totally easy and went fast, but only because I wrote much more complex and difficult to use programs in the past.
I always wanted to make it available to everyone, but it was a process from the idea (a long time ago) - to the use - to the user friendly and super easy to use interface for everyone - as it is now.

I wish a lot of success with this tool!

If you have any questions, I am at your disposal.
Yes, from now on I will only use this program, too.

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